Who is the customer?

The customer is an EU-based digital insurance startup.

Customers' goal / challenge

The Customer’s team jumped into digital distribution of the coverage market with the idea of integrating insurance into a simple consumer journey. Less than 5% of the insurance market is accessible to distributors and e-merchants for regulatory and technical reasons, so the Customer decided to open the insurance market to e-merchants and digital consumer platforms with the new product and invited Futuro Team to assist with the product development part.

Tech stack






Project description

After investigating all necessary inputs, Futuro Team started to develop an intelligent integrated insurance solution. Created service distributes insurance as a simple consumer product that is easy to subscribe to in a few steps on an E-commerce site. The customer’s journey includes regular subscription via form, its management, and easy-to-do payment, which makes it simple and quick to use. Thanks to that, insurance was transformed into a product that is easy to integrate on distribution platforms using APIs, significantly simplifying insurance complexity and making it enjoyable for both users and customers.

The created solution was done bearing in mind the interests of all user categories, including distributors, e-retailers, marketplaces, digital consumer platforms, insurers, and brokers seeking to develop partnerships with distributors who are not insurance specialists.

Interesting facts
  • The number of repeatable subscribers increased up to 68%;
  • Futuro created a simple, productive back-office to manage System content by Admins;
  • Insurance subscriptions split into 3 simple steps, which attracted 47% more customers than in the previous quarter.