Who is the customer?

The customer is a Stockholm-based start-up that is changing the way people plan and buy groceries. Main products are easy-to-use widgets for quick shopping of recipe ingredients - from customer resources to retailers’ checkout.

Customers’ goal/challenge

The project had several challenges:

  • build fast, responsive, marketing-friendly widget
  • the widget should be generic and easily customizable
  • customer should be able to onboard hands-off
Tech stack
  • React
  • Typescript
  • PHP
Project description

Futuro Team was involved in all development parts from the reliable core, theming foundation, one of the system’s widgets, and corresponding documentation.

The main app’s killer features developed are:

  • ability to buy products via recipes and add extra items
  • changing delivery slots up to 24h until delivery.
  • API integration to the biggest supermarket chains

Thanks to that, the Customer successfully signed more clients with an easy-to-use new widget. Nowadays, the product keeps spreading across the globe.

Interesting facts
  • The team consisted of 9 team members, including Software Engineers, QA Engineers, UI/UX Designer, and Product Owner
  • Advanced Typescript used significantly increased the system’s performance
  • Due to used best software development practices, Widget is super light-weight and loads in less than 2 seconds