Who is the customer?

The customer is an innovation-based global biotech Company founded in the UK.


The Futuro team had to deal with a complex System that enables genetic testing of biological samples using IoT gadgets. The primary platform users are biological scientists and laboratory workers, who should do genetic analysis for different complex domains like healthcare and farming. The main goal was to significantly improve user experience to make the System accessible for users with different levels of expertise, provide overall technical advising and add new features in close collaboration with the Customer’s in-house backend team.

Tech stack
  • Vue.js
  • Quasar
  • i18n
  • userflow.js
  • TypeScript
  • Lodash
  • Zendesk
  • eCharts
  • Google Maps

The team received a basic-looking System with core functionality and started by researching the consumer portrait, domain, and system specifics to make the System comfortable, smooth and user-friendly. During our collaboration, we improved the visual aspect of the app, redone the user experience, and created a frontend part for renewed System. Renovation of a frontend part allows the client’s employees to get things done much smoother and more accessible. One of the biggest challenges was that the biology and genetic research domain is quite difficult to jump in there.

As a result, the Customer received a completely re-vamped application according to the latest UX principles. Renovated System also assists new staff with intuitive onboarding and self-education, dramatically decreasing the introduction time per every new team member.

Interesting facts
  • Specific genetic testing/biology domain to research
  • The new interface has made the System intuitive for users, which decreased onboarding time by 37%
  • Attracting new clients has increased by 6.7 times more compared to the previous version