Who is the customer?

The customer is an EU-based company that provides businesses and personalities fully equipped place for different types of public activities for work, creativity, and life. It is a 1,500-square-meter space equipped for relaxation, socializing, knowledge sharing, and wellness to host more than 100 events a year.


The challenge of cooperation was to develop a modern booking system for the Customer’s space, including the ability to make a complete cycle of reservations with all possible options and advanced back-office to manage all System content completely.

Tech stack
  • React/ GraphQL/Node JS/ Redis/ MikroORM/ i18n/ EJS
  • Integration: Stripe/ SendGrid/ Hubspot/ Google Calendar
Project description

Futuro developed the core platform, which includes a custom booking experience through a website or third-party platform, including different payment types. It allows to fully digitalize Customer's consumers' experience of using the offline space and making an entire booking in a few clicks without any extra actions.

In addition, the team developed a progressive back-office with the ability to manage System users, all types of reservation requests, and an advanced calendar with web-version synchronization. It significantly reduces management time for order processing and allows for a quick take on any information about customers.

As a second stage, Futuro helped the Customer to migrate the System to an up-to-date architecture solution with a bigger capacity. This significantly increased the platform's performance, booking management capabilities, and overall scalability.

Interesting facts
  • The reservation allocation solution has optimized internal customer resources workload by 66%
  • Just 3 steps to make a reservation - reduce applicant time by 2 minutes and increases reservations by 27% per month
  • The implementation of the developed reservation system allowed to increase the number of subscribers and users of the space by 32 %