Who is the customer?

The Customer is a young, innovative company with extensive experience in e-money management, which develops and sells innovative payment solutions based on prepaid card programs.

Customers' goal / challenge

The Customer is developing a complex product in the e-finance domain that allows users to keep all necessary banking functionality in one app. The Futuro Team had to redone and significantly improve the fundamental web part with the new functionality, develop a mobile application for prepaid card programs, and then integrate them together.

Tech stack

Node.js, React.js, AWS, React Native, Twillio, ASP .NET

Project description

Futuro Team has started with deep research of the existing codebase and system analysis. After our team covered all white spots, a complete rebuild of the legacy product started. We implemented new features based on deep user analysis, market needs, and significant overall performance improvement with the latest industry trends.

One of the main goals was to create a mobile app to improve customers’ experience and make the product available in every pocket. Futuro Team has created a modern-looking app with an enjoyable user experience, which includes all the necessary features to make mobile banking easy:

  • uncomplicated user management includes onboarding and related data storage
  • easy-going payments are made in a few steps
  • transaction management
  • instant currency exchange
  • multi-currency support

Currently, our team is finalizing developing other valuable features and integrating the mobile app with the web platform.

Interesting facts
  • Improvement of the existing platform allowed to increase its bandwidth by 52%, which allows the process of scaling the customer's business without overloading the system;
  • Marketing research shows that a mobile app attracted around 42% of overall prepaid customers after launch;
  • We significantly improved the E-money operation experience by increasing the speed of funds movement up to 3 seconds.