Who is the customer?

Customer is a US-based IT solutions company operating in the telecom infrastructure sector.


Customers' goal was to build and maintain a complex field worker management system to make business processes more transparent and efficient. General functionality should include complete task management, the ability to collaborate and communicate between roles inside the platform, manage workflows, etc.

Tech stack
  • React.js
  • Node.js
  • Typescript
  • React Native
  • Twilio / SendBird

Futuro was involved in an entire Product Development cycle: web and mobile app development and complete platform redesign. The team closely collaborated with the customer’s executives during all project stages, starting from discovery, creating UI/ UX vision to actual product development and change support.

One of the main challenges was to build a completely independent system capable of functioning in offline mode, including file uploading and essential functions support. Another high complexity task was creating template functionality that should reduce manual work for managers and supervisors dramatically. Moreover, our product development team incredibly solved the usability issue: the app is straightforward to use for both managers in offices and workers on towers with different levels of training.

Interesting facts
  • Overall project development took more than one year;
  • Futuro was involved in all project stages from discovery, creating UI/ UX vision to actual development and change support;
  • Implemented a complex multi-level system with a large number of interactions within entities;
  • The efficiency of internal business processes increased by 67%.
  • The system reduced the loss of communication time for managers by 42%