Who is the customer?

RaceID is a cloud-based system for creating and managing races, constantly developed in close collaboration with participants and race organizers; EU based.


The main goal is to create a nice-looking modern system that is convenient for both users and hosts. RaceID invited Futuro to support new feature implementation on the frontend part, technical advising, and performance improvements.

Tech stack






Jira/ Gitlab

Project description

The Futuro team assists the customer in creating a multi-language cloud system that allows anyone to participate in sports competitions held anywhere. An app can create virtual races in addition to the usual ones, the purpose of which is to cover a certain distance, regardless of the user's location. Distances can be for different sports such as running or swimming.

The customer has the primary version for desktop and mobile responsive, as well as iOS and Android applications. The biggest challenge here is to create a convenient mobile version that is reliable for the primary users who are used to operating with the core web version.

Interesting facts
  • The majority of users are based in Sweden - about 80%;
  • For the mobile responsive version, Futuro created a complex draggable menu like those often seen in mobile native applications;
  • The project was configured and started in the short term. It took around two weeks.