Who is the customer?

The Customer is a huge EU-based furniture company.


As a huge retail company, the Customer has various sales channels to place their goods, such as eBay, Amazon, Otto, etc. So the Customer decided to create a product that allows quickly aggregating goods information from any marketplace in one place.

Tech stack

React / Typescript

Java (Spring)

API integration with numerous marketplaces


Futuro Team created an innovative complex solution that connects users’ data with desired marketplaces worldwide and correspondingly integrates it without any extra personal involvement.

The killer feature is the ML algorithm, which analyses the source data from the customers’ CSV and suggests the correct placement of it in every marketplace. In addition to that, the system analyzes the destination marketplace spot and offers adjustments based on location.

A user-friendly, smooth interface ensures a delightful customer experience for complex tasks, allowing all types of users to operate the system without extra educational efforts.

Interesting facts
  • Product implementation allowed store owners to expand the number of available marketplaces on average by 37%
  • Overall selling KPIs for store owners is expanded up to 67%
  • Marketplace customer’s involvement is raised a 2,7 times